UPDATE: Now situated in Birmingham, originally based in London since 2015

We can make your cake imagination a reality

We aim to execute your cake ideas with that extra touch, at Mackays we focus on customised cakes and strive to personalise each and every little detail, so that special event will be even more breath taking.

Cake Flavours
Cream and Cake Fillings

All sponges come with buttercream or cream cheese frosting between the layers, you can also have jam or salted caramel etc, depending on the type of sponge your after.

Fruit cakes are normally iced on the outside and is not filled with creams etc, however marzipan goes really well with Jamaican fruit cakes. This is also available in non alcoholic option.

Red velvet, carrot cake and Lemonberry Sponge goes well with cream cheese frosting between the layers.

Cakes are normally decorated with ganache or fondant or both depending on the type of cake

Sponges are around 4.5 inches in height. If you require a taller cake, you can pay an additional amount for an extra layer

Mackays Jamaican Kitchen takes great pride in flavours, so be sure to try other sponges as they are all entirely different and have their own unique taste. We have spent time a lot of time creating the best preserves and creams like, buttercream, cream cheese frosting, Ganache, fruit jams, curds, salted caramel and fresh cream recipes. Everything at Mackays is made from scratch.

Our front runners are Vanilla sponge, Jamaican fruit cake and red velvet. Other popular flavours are hot chocolate sponge, pina colada and Guinness punch.

Milk or white chocolate ganache can be used as another buttercream alternative if that's your preference. Fresh cream can also be another alternative for those who don't like buttercream. (Please note if you require Fresh cream, it may limit the amount of options you can have in terms of design)

Cupcakes Prices
Cake Prices

Prices listed above includes standard design. If you require a more detailed design then that would be an additional cost.

e.g 8" vanilla sponge with buttercream. What you can get for that price... Happy birthday acrylic topper, sprinkles, drip or stencilling, name etc. (Excludes colours: Black, White, Gold, Silver and deep/strong colour shades)

Example Standard Design:

A deposit is required on all cake orders. A minimum of 7 days notice is required (Applies between January - September). Between the months of October - December, 2 weeks notice is required.

Cakes less than 7 days notice falls under last minute orders. In this case... your options are limited. Delivery is not available for last minute orders. (Please note I can only accept last minutes if I'm available)

Delivery also available from £5 Free delivery locally if you spend £150 of more.

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