UPDATE: Now situated in Birmingham, originally based in London since 2015

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Your order is our is responsibility as well as it is yours. It is important that you elaborate on your design and flavour in detail to avoid delays.

Please understand that as a cake Decorator, I don't know what's in someone's thoughts, so if your order is complex or you are having a hard time explaining please use my website or Google as a source to help you explain what you want in detail.

I can not take responsibility for improper explanations.

Please DO NOT ask for discounts, everone pays full price.

Last but not least please be pleasant when contacting Mackays.

Foul language or rude behaviour will not be tolerated.

We can make your cake imagination a reality

We aim to execute your cake ideas with that extra touch, at Mackays we focus on customised cakes and strive to personalise each and every little detail, so that special event will be even more breath taking.

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